LONG LIVE AIMCEA : The ALL INDIA CONFERENCE OF AIMCEA will be held on 28 and 29 Jan 2016 at New Delhi.Detail programme will follow. : The 3rd Cadre Review of JEs has been concurred by Honble E-in-C. The vacancy position will be intimated shortly. :
Surender Kumar Mann
Surender Kumar Mann
(Convener Gen Secy)
P Rambabu
P Rambabu
Amit Govil
Amit Govil
(General Secretary)

News Update(CHQ)

New News Update: 08-Nov-15 12:59:56
New Diary AD Letter for the Engineer Diary 2016
New News Update: 14-Sep-15 01:35:44
New letter to E-IN-C on Cadre Review
New News Update: 07-Jul-15 03:38:27
New AISL of JE E/M as on 01 May 2015
New AISL of JE CIVIL as on 01 MAY 2015
New Vig and int certificate asked fo DPC to JE QS&C to AE QS&C for year 2015
New News Update: 01-Jun-15 11:40:23
New Revised/Enhanced CFA powers for prep srutiny & sanction of AEs
New Option letter for GE office from non sensitive appt for AE QS&C
New Promotion cum posting order of AEE QS&C & AE QS&C to EE QS&C
New News Update: 12-May-15 08:22:23
New Annual Subscription letter for year 2015-16
New Volunteers for newly raised CE LEH
New Compassionate postings of AE Civ etc dt 01 MAY 2015
New Postings AE civil dt 23 March 2015
New News Update: 15-Apr-15 08:59:04
New Revised ED rates for sewage disposal
New Agenga points for periodical meeting
New Letter to E-in-C on posting policy and resolutions adopted dt 0 Dec 2014
New DOP&T letter on travel by Air on LTC to NE, Andaman & J&K dt 26 Sept 2014
New DOP&T order on retention of accn for civ offr posted in J&K dt 24 Nov 2014
New Letter to E-in-C for grant of periodical meeting dt 15 Dec 2015
New DOP&T order onInclusion of adhaar no in service book
New DOP&T Order on MACP dated 10 Dec 2014
New DOP&T order on Bio metric attendance
New 2nd & 3rd MACP for AE QS&C dt 09 Dec 2014
New 3rd MACP for AE Civil & AE E/M dated 09 Dec 2014
New Resolutions passed in CEC meet on 08 Nov 2014.

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